Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bangket Jahe oleh Arfi Binsted

When you are searching for a recipe which works for you, it might take time. But when you finally have found it, you will treasure it like a diamond. Riana and I have been on that search, and we have found our diamond. 

Remember the ginger biscuit I posted earlier? Well, I wasn't quite satisfied with it, for it was rather hard, like the original Anzac biscuits. A tea-dipping-kind-of biscuits.

Now, these ones are the perfect example of good ginger biscuits. Taste gingery (I use 112g grated ginger), the sweetness of a perfection to my liking, and light. Not so much crumbly like Bangket Kacang which are very sensitive to the finger tips, but they hold their own characters.

So, yeah. I love this biscuits. So much flavour, worth the search.

Daniar's Bangket Jahe

Bangket Jahe (Tapioca Ginger Biscuits)
by Rosdaniar via NCC mailing list

500g tapioca flour
300g butter/margarine
100g plain flour (I use gluten-free flour, 115g)
50g cornflour
200g dark palm sugar
200g caster sugar
2 egg yolks
1 egg white
50g milk powder
50g desiccated coconot, toasted, ground
75g grated ginger (I use 112g, juiced)
3 tsp ground mixed spice
sesame seeds to sprinkle (I omit this)

1. Beat butter or margarine with sugars until fluffy
2. Add in eggs, keep beating
3. Add in grated ginger (or juice) and ground toasted coconut, mix well
4. Add in ground mixed spice (I sift all the flours, milk powder and mixed spice together in a big bowl)
5. Add in milk powder, and flours a little at a time 
6. Cut with biscuit cutters or to your liking, sprinkled with sesame seeds
7. Bake to 170C until cooked (it feels firm when you touch the surface of biscuits with your fingers)


Arfi Binsted

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